Sunday, March 14, 2010

sun oven cookery

we'll be posting much more soon about our experiments cooking with a solar oven. today we made pinto beans - one of the most healthy, inexpensive, delicious, and easy dishes under the sun! soon we'll be posting videos - but in the meanwhile, i'd like to invite you to visit me over at alyce's solar kitchen.


  1. Hi, it is just great what you are doing!

    Where could I buy a sun oven?

    Continue your good job. Heartfully NINA
    I live in New Zealand.

  2. Hi Nina,

    Thanks for your comment. We got our Global Sun Oven a few years ago in a trade. They are a bit pricey ($250 US) and although this type works well we think one could be built for much less and be just as effective. Here is a website with several different solar oven designs.

    Cheers and good luck.